Psya3 model essays for students

This ebook provides students with theory and evaluation in the form of A grade model essay answers for every single possible question that can be asked in Unit 2. Information is presented in a nice and easy to understand way splitting theory AO1 and evaluation AO3 nicely for students to pick out their bits they wish to use for their own essays.

Psya3 model essays for students

Genocide is a form of institutional aggression and is not part of evolutionary explanations of group displays of aggression.

Cognitions and Development PSYA3 | Psychology A2 Model Answers

For lynch mobs in brief I wrote about; How lynch mobs killed thousands of black people in the late 19th century, linked this to the power-threat hypothesis, then dehumanisation and how these two were evolutionary; killing rival groups increases your own groups survival chances through greater access to resources, more women, better chance for reproducing etc.

Dehumanisation was evolutionary as it made the process of killing easier in itself which would normally be hard to do; but dehumanising rival group members in ritualistic killings lynchings made it easier to kill rival group members to increase their own adaptive fitness hence evolutionary.

The biggest one is that evolutionary explanations tend to be post-hoc and after the event has happened, they are difficult to prove or disprove and can argue both ways. Such group behaviour could be argued to go against evolutionary behaviour as mixing with outsider groups would increase genetic diversity and create stronger genes hence why it can be argued both ways yet this states we go against outsiders I posted my own model essay answer many months ago; search my posts with attachments and you should find it; that will tell you everything you need to know.Piaget is a towering figure in psychology and widely respected by all, including those who have criticised or adapted his theories.

Contrary to popular belief Piaget was not French (despite being called Jean), he was in fact Swiss.

psya3 model essays for students

Hey Folks, I have created some A* model essays that may be of help for people here for people doing the Psya3 and Psya4 topics. A bit about me first: My names Saj Devshi and I self-taught myself AQA Psychology in my spare time without teachers and just some books off amazon from Delegation strategies for the NCLEX, Prioritization for the NCLEX, Infection Control for the NCLEX, FREE resources for the NCLEX, FREE NCLEX Quizzes for the NCLEX, FREE NCLEX exams for the NCLEX, Failed the NCLEX - Help is here.

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Jul 28,  · My certificate and further help as well as my model A* essay answers for AS (Psya1 and Psya3) as well as papers 3 + 4 which got me % are also available on the website.

Get Psya1 Model Essays. Feb 18,  · AQA A2 Psychology PSYA3/PSYA4 Revision weak eval point you'll probably get graded a D because it doesn't show knowledge since its common for any psychology student to say individualistic collectivist etc best to use nature nurture alpha beta bias deterministic reductionist etc For unit 3 personally i would memorise model answer essay.

Psychology Students uploaded and posted If you would like a copy of the PowerPoint that has the full model essay for Equity Theory (and Social Exchange Theory,) tweet me @blonde_pretzel to.

psya3 model essays for students
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